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Diverse Learning Environments



At Little Scholars Academy, we provide a warm and nurturing environment for our infants.  Our safe environment exposes the children to experiences that will enhance their social and emotional behavior, develop language, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills. Our infant room is filled with educational and age-appropriate toys and materials.



Our toddler classrooms are designed to give our smaller students the safe, nurturing environment they need to stretch their body and brain for future learning.  Our program promotes hands-on learning experiences with emphasis for the children to develop a sense of independence using different age-appropriate activities.  The play areas are equipped with developmentally appropriate items and toys that provide toddlers with materials needed to explore and learn the world around them through self exploration.



. The students at this age group are very active and adventurous, and we help to guide them with an enriching, multi-sensory approach to engage them in age-appropriate activities. Our curriculum lays a strong foundation for early preschoolers. The students learn a variety of self-help tasks such as feeding themselves, dressing themselves, independently using the bathroom, teamwork and collaboration skills.  Our teachers actively focus on developing activities with daily lessons in language, science, math, creative arts, and dramatic play. 



Our Pre-K program builds a solid foundation in the child's character and intellectual abilities with focuses in building independence, collaboration and communication skills, literacy and number concepts.  Our curriculum provides integrated, hands-on early childhood learning experiences that guide the student's social and emotional development skills, preparing them for Kindergarten and future academic success.


Before & After

School Care

We understand the challenges faced by working family with school-age children.  Our program goes beyond just homework assistant.  We encourage and support our students by creating a positive community of friends with games, building blocks, creative arts, dramatic play and plenty of enrichment activities.  The student is exposed to activities and peers that they can learn from, including outdoor play time and social activities.  We build our program with focuses to help children become socially adept, teaching them responsibility through activities that connects them to the real world.  We also offer transportation for kids from their local public school to our facility.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

At Little Scholars Academy, we provide ample of fun and engaging learning opportunities through our planned, theme-based curriculum, age appropriate field trips, indoor & outdoor enrichment activities including science experiment, arts & crafts, and sports that promote teamwork, collaboration, and exploration.  Students are expected to work independently and in teams to develop a sense of responsibility.  Some examples of the advantages of participating in summer camp include:

  • Keeps children active and helping them unplug from technology

  • Helps them continue to develop and maintain their social skills

  • Encourages them to continue to thrive by participating in age appropriate activities that connects them to the real world

  • In-house field trips: Kona Ice Truck, Foam Party, Splash Days, Animal Experience, etc.

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